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Our friendly local business owners at Fat Jack’s super sub shop had us custom airbrush their business logo on some hoodies for them.  I think they look delicious!

We added some attitude to the t-shirts of a local dart team.  They brought in their shirts with existing screen printed T-shirt graphics, and we added the airbrushing.

Are you looking for a unique gift for a car lover? Airbrushed Cars on T shirts make great gifts. Or, if you just happen to love your car more than anyone can understand then you should just buy one for yourself.

1957 Chevy airbrushed t-shirt with embroidered lettering

This airbrushed t-shirt was done for Crystal’s dad as a Christmas present. I airbrushed Joe’s car, a 1957 Chevy, on it and my mom finished it off with some embroidery. Signature baby! This is fairly elaborate and could run as much as $150.00. Any decent photograph will work of just about any subject for your custom t-shirt.