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Our Customer took this photo at a Method Man concert and had this custom T-shirt made to wear to her next Method Man concert.  Great photo!

We put the photo on the shirt using a heat transfer and Igor Airbrushed the text. Sorry, our photo doesn’t really do her photo justice.  



Yep.  This happened.

Many years ago this lovely bride and groom were getting remarried on their 10th wedding anniversary and decided to spice it up by airbrushing her wedding dress.  Very adventurous!

This is definitely one of our most viral photos on the internet.  Some have loved it and some have hated it.  It’s even made lists such as:

5 Wedding Dresses You’ll Never Forget…Even If You Try Fabulous or Faux Paux Wedding Dresses


That’s okay though.  Some people need to relax and have a little fun if you ask me.


Our friendly local business owners at Fat Jack’s super sub shop had us custom airbrush their business logo on some hoodies for them.  I think they look delicious!

We painted these promotional plywood lollipop holders for CiCi’s Pizza.  We had a little fun with the photography, so the scale is sort of hard to tell.  These are each about 3′ tall and 1-1/2′ wide at the base.


We love wood as a medium and will paint it all day long if you’ll bring it to us!

We custom airbrushed this Nightmare Before Christmas mailbox for our newlywed customers – the Beckers!

Airbrushed shoes are some of the most coveted items here at Igor’s T-shirts.  Chuck Taylors are the best and most popular shoes to airbrush on.  These Tupac Chucks are some of our fan fave’s!

If you want your own pair of Tupac airbrushed Chuck Taylor’s you can buy them HERE

Here’s some more airbrushed shoes we’ve done:

Looking for a superhero costume? Here’s a last minute Bat Girl Costume we did for a pre-school”superhero Day”