How exciting! South Broadway has been confirmed the Best Shopping District in Denver for 2014!

It seems like just yesterday that we moved to this new location.  It’s  been over 2 years and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  It’s quirky for sure and there’s no shortage of interesting characters. It’s close to downtown but is surrounded by lovely neighborhoods and some great schools so it has sort of an urban feel with a few of the benefits that go along with suburban living.


Our shop is in the front of our house.  Do you find that weird? The live-work concept has been re-emerging in the last decade or two, especially for creatives.  It’s a lifestyle we’ve wanted for a long time and there isn’t a better place than South Broadway in my opinion.  Some customers find it very strange, but most people think it’s as great as we do.  Either way, it couldn’t work better for US and we love that we landed on SOUTH BROADWAY!  Denver is an amazing city and the only one in Colorado that seems to truly support small businesses.  No other city in Colorado will even allow zoning for Live/Work, so just ANOTHER reason we heart Denver!!

Even though we’re out on the South Broadway outskirts, Kolacny Music got a mention and they’re not too far from us.  We didn’t get a mention in the article, but it looks like “someone” left a comment pointing out the omission 😉