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If you would like a quote for any of our custom services, the preferred way to contact us is by email at:

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Whatever you choose, it will be incredibly helpful if you have the answers ready to as many of the following questions as is possible.  This will make our communications much more efficient!

General info:

Your name and Contact  info:

Garment type (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc.):

What color is/are the the garment(s)?:

How many are you looking to have customized?:

If more than one item, will they all be the same?  How many different variations?

What services are you interested in? (airbrushing, embroidery, iron-on transfer, party, graphic design, combination):

When do you need them by?:

If you know exactly what you want, please email the following info:

Where on the garment do you want the design(s)?

Please list all sizes needed and how many of each size. (Beanie’s are one size fit’s all). If there will be variations, please list each variation with sizes and quantities for each:

If applicable, please attach any graphics that you’d like us to refer to.  (If you are attaching an image to be used for an iron-on transfer, please note that 1000 pixel size is optimal.  The quality of the image on the shirt will be determined by photo size and quality that is provided.)

We’d love to know:

What are you getting these made for?  You don’t have to share if you’d rather not, but our customer’s ideas are what make our job so interesting.  We love the stories behind the creativity and would like to share them on our blog if you’d be so generous…