We hosted our first T-shirt party on-site at our T-shirt shop in Denver! We had such a great time with the most wonderful people and I’d say it was highly successful.

Igor has airbrushed at parties for almost 20 years, but he’s never hosted one at his own location. We have had some inquiries about doing this, so we thought our daughter’s first birthday party might be a good time to experiment with the concept.

We made this shirt for her special occasion.

At his larger off-site parties, he can usually airbrush up to 100 shirts in about 4 hours.  However he has to limit each shirt to one color and he works very quickly in order to get everyone’s shirt done before the party ends.

In a smaller, on-site party each shirt design can receive more extra special attention. It’s possible to use multiple colors and add a little more detail to each shirt.

Ciel Black Butler

Denver Broncos

We also have the option to design and print iron-on transfers, or embroider text or stock images when we’re hosting on-site.  This particular party was probably a little too large for everyone to get proper attention paid to their t-shirts, especially since Igor also had hosting duties and couldn’t work on t-shirts the entire time.  He unfortunately wasn’t able to make a shirt for everyone, but it appeared to add a lot of fun to an already eventful party.  We didn’t end up doing any iron-on transfers or embroidery, but Igor airbrushed some fun shirts. Some people even got to airbrush their own shirts!

Gecko T-shirt

I heart the Walking Dead

airbrushed flower by Koryn

A proper T-shirt Party hosted on-site at Igor’s T-shirts should probably be limited to about 10-15 people. I think this concept would work great for birthday parties, or before a bachelor/bachelorette party, or girls/boys night out.


Winter is Coming


airbrushed Aloha T-shirt

Manning 18 airbrushed t-shirt

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