Looking for unique event or party ideas?

Airbrush T-shirts party favors are always a hit!

Events & Parties FAQ

Igor has been airbrushing at events and parties all around Colorado for over 15 years. His mobile airbrushing gigs include yearly classes for the Denver Public Library Summer Learning Program, birthday parties, batmitzvahs, barmitzvahs, school celebrations and corporate events. Yes… adults love it too!

How does it work? What do you need?

I show up at your event with all of my equipment and T-shirts in a variety of sizes. All I need from you is a small table to attach my easel to. I also need to be near an electrical outlet with enough space for me to stand and a small group of people watching me paint their shirts.

Do you only paint shirts for kids?

No, I want to paint for everybody!  But unless otherwise specified, I only plan on enough shirts for the kids at a kid’s event. If you want to include everyone at a kids party , let me know and look for our “100 shirts package”.

How many shirts can you do?

The most shirts I can paint in one evening is 100. If you are having a bigger event, let me know and look for our “custom event package”.

What do you paint on the shirts?

I paint whatever each person wants on their shirt. I’ve painted everything from your name to a “Banana-Man riding a dragon”. People come up with fun, interesting and random ideas! (this is our pop-culture resource) However, in order to get to  everyone’s shirt in the amount of time available I only paint on one side of the shirt in one color. I bring 6 colors to choose from. I work very quickly and I can usually keep the line short and moving along.

The guest of honor will get extra special attention paid to their shirt with as many colors as they want.

Is the paint messy?

I use a water based, non-toxic fabric paint. There is no over spray and little chance for a mess. If a spill were to occur, it is very easy to clean up.

Will the paint ruin our clothes?

The paint dries almost instantly and can therefore be worn immediately without smudging onto your clothes or anything else.

How do I wash the shirt? How long will it last?

The paint will last a very long time.  You just need to wash your t-shirt inside-out in cold water. BIG HINT: When you get home, stick it in the dryer for 5-10 minutes to heat set it and it will last even longer. We’ve seen shirts last for many years!

What sizes of shirts do you bring?

I select a variety of sizes depending on the crowd I’m painting for.  I also bring a few extra shirts to account for the more popular, and also the less common sizes.

Can you paint something other than shirts?

Absolutely! We can airbrush beanies, trucker hats, sweatshirts or anything else you’d like.

How much does it cost?

We have many different packages from a party of  40 up to 100 people.  Please contact us at 303-750-7281 or igorstshirts@gmail.com for our current rates and packages.  Discounts are available for weekdays and daytime events.