We are having an incredibly busy summer!! We are so grateful! But, that’s why the blog hasn’t been getting much attention from us lately.  We want to get back to sharing some of our great customer inspired designs, so here’s one big post of a few of our custom heat transfer tees that we actually stopped to take pictures of:


image of the family portrait from the movie "The JerK" on a t-shirt

heat transfer image of the family portrait from the movie “The Jerk” on a t-shirt


heat transfer

“It took 57 years to get this awesome” t-shirt using heat transfer printing


heat transfer t-shirt

“Still Sexy at 50” birthday t-shirt using heat transfer

heat transfer for KOSI 101

Some shirts for KOSI 101 printed on heat transfers with Olga working hard in the background

pre-printed t-shirts for batmitzvah

We made some pre-printed t-shirts for Sarah’s batmitzvah. Igor airbrushed shirts at the event too.

Custom graphic using heat transfer

Custom graphic using heat transfer. It smelled pretty yay!

heat transfer t-shirt graphic

“I want you to brew a beer for Victory” heat transfer on t-shirts

Downtown Arby's heat tranfer printing

“Downtown Arby’s” t-shirt. I haven’t seen Downton Abby but I totally get what’s going on here.


Iron-on transfers are an EXCELLENT alternative to screen printing on t-shirts when:

a) you need a small quantity

b)you need them last minute

c)you have more than a few colors in your graphics

d)you have light colored shirts (dark colors work too, but quality is higher on light colored shirts)

Screen printing requires an initial set-up fee which can be cost prohibitive in small quantities.  Each additional color adds to the cost significantly.  It is very rare that a screen printer can ever do something same day…or even within a couple days. If you need more than 20 shirts and your design is only one -three colors, than screen-printing is probably a great option for you, but heat transfer printing can be quicker and more affordable in many situations.

If you’re not sure, give us a call at 303-750-7281 and we’ll help you decide.

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