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We’ve been back for a week and a half and there’s been a lot of catching up to do, but I thought it would be fun to finally share a little taste of the adventures we had making custom t-shirts at our first festival…in STURGIS!

The drive from Denver to Sturgis is about 7 hours when pulling a trailor full of 1000 t-shirts.  We had a rough start.  We were originally going to take my dad’s camper, but it broke the morning we were supposed to leave, so we had to borrow a trailer and REPACK EVERYTHING.  Did I mention it was a ROUGH start?  We were on the road about 12 hours after our intended departure of 10:00am.  Yep.  We started our road trip at 10pm.  We had to stop for a little snooze and made it by noon the next day.

Sturgis 2014

This is what 1000 t-shirts on a trailer looks like if you ever wondered.

We camped next to the guys and gals at Led Sled who were super cool and fun. They were riding the coolest motorcycles I saw anywhere in Sturgis. All custom Sportsters. Pat Patterson was there judging other custom bikes and they also had a vendor booth. The bikes I saw them riding around rekindled my WANT for a Sportster! (I dropped a motorcycle once, then after having kids I gave up the whole idea. But now…??)

N.A.D.S. and The Drone Hunter

The Drone Hunter being interviewed by Fox TV

The Drone Hunter bus

The Drone Hunter and N.A.D.S. are the customers that brought us to Buffalo Chip.  They had drone shooting events at the range almost every day which led to a visit from the FAA.  They had the Drone Hunter on stage before every concert and they were interviewed by The Today Show, Fox News  and the O’reilly factor.

Speaking of concerts…we saw the Zac Brown Band, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, ZZ top and more!

Super perk!

This is at the Zac Brown Band concert which was AWESOME

Our Vendor Booth

We were making shirts for N.A.D.S. while also offering custom shirts for sale.  Being total newbs, it took us a few days to get everything right.  Some crazy rain and weather the first few days along with the stickiest mud that turned into cinder blocks attached to the bottom of our shoes didn’t help.

Igor airbrushing in our vendor booth at Buffalo Chip Campground for Sturgis 2014.

Inside joke among a group of of guys from Nebraska…One is the President and the other is the Vice President of this particular City they are referring to.

“Today’s Schedule” motorcycle shirt

Sturgis 2014!

Just don’t.

These photo heat transfer shirts were our biggest hits! Photos of people on their motorcycles.

Igor – getting the shot for a custom shirt.

The view from the back of our booth. The Clydesdales were BEAUTIFUL!

T-shirt ideas are everywhere!

Crystal rockin’ a custom Igor’s T-shirts motorcycle shirt and wearing one of the hats we bartered for.

This was our neighbor Keith A.K.A. “Bone Daddy” who is an amazing metal artist. We made him and his granddaughter some shirts and got some goods in return.

All in all, it was a great time and a HUGE learning experience. We look forward to doing another festival in the future and having all of our ducks in a row for it.  We did TONS of research before going and were well prepared, but there’s lots of stuff you just don’t know until you try it!


We hosted our first T-shirt party on-site at our T-shirt shop in Denver! We had such a great time with the most wonderful people and I’d say it was highly successful.

Igor has airbrushed at parties for almost 20 years, but he’s never hosted one at his own location. We have had some inquiries about doing this, so we thought our daughter’s first birthday party might be a good time to experiment with the concept.

We made this shirt for her special occasion.

At his larger off-site parties, he can usually airbrush up to 100 shirts in about 4 hours.  However he has to limit each shirt to one color and he works very quickly in order to get everyone’s shirt done before the party ends.

In a smaller, on-site party each shirt design can receive more extra special attention. It’s possible to use multiple colors and add a little more detail to each shirt.

We also have the option to design and print iron-on transfers, or embroider text or stock images when we’re hosting on-site.  This particular party was probably a little too large for everyone to get proper attention paid to their t-shirts, especially since Igor also had hosting duties and couldn’t work on t-shirts the entire time.  He unfortunately wasn’t able to make a shirt for everyone, but it appeared to add a lot of fun to an already eventful party.  We didn’t end up doing any iron-on transfers or embroidery, but Igor airbrushed some fun shirts. Some people even got to airbrush their own shirts!

A proper T-shirt Party hosted on-site at Igor’s T-shirts should probably be limited to about 10-15 people. I think this concept would work great for birthday parties, or before a bachelor/bachelorette party, or girls/boys night out.

Congratulations Andrew!  Thank you for having us at your party!  Here is a little video we made.  The unicorn eating a hamburger turned out a little wacky, but it’s a great example of how creative the requests can be…

Igor designed this logo for Gabby’s Batmitzvah and also airbrushed shirts for the kids at her party.  Her artistic endeavors and abilities were the theme behind the design of the graphic.

Congratulations to Gabby!

Igor provided his mobile airbrushing services for a birthday in Cherry Hills, Colorado.

Igor Airbrushed party favors at the epic Zumiez annual 100k party once again in Keystone, CO!

Here’s some crazy pics of the event: