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Iron-on Numbers and Letters

Little league baseball is under way! We put these iron on numbers and letters on these baseball uniforms for a local youth baseball team.  Go Tigers!

We just restocked our vinyl Iron on Letters and Numbers!

And we’re already going through them fast.  Here are some of our recent vinyl lettering and number projects:

Demaryius Thomas vinyl iron on letters and numbers on a Denver Broncos t-shirt


Custom Tough Mudder team shirts with vinyl Iron-on letters and numbers.

We carry black and white BLOCK vinyl iron on numbers and letters. We have numbers in 6″ and 8″ sizes and letters in 2″ and 3″ sizes.

There are no minimums at Igor’s T-shirts! If you need press-on, individual numbers and letters on your Denver Broncos jersey, team shirts or anything else, give us a call at 303-750-7281.

Caricature of Lil’ Stevs:


One of our friendly neighborhood police officers had this custom caricature shirt made for one of his fellow officer’s retirement gift.  He brought in a photo and described the scene including an emphasis on long eyelashes.  I think Igor did it justice. Get it? Justice?

If you are desperate to get some caricatures from photos made, give us a call and we’ll see if we can bail you out of your predicament.  Okay that was a little forced.  Puns aren’t my strong suit.


Bachelorette Party Shirts:

If you’re looking for unique personalized gifts or bachelorette party ideas, custom t shirts are always a fun but easy idea. We can help you with the t-shirt design and the t-shirt printing.


Custom Tank Tops:

Jocelyn was on her way to Estes Park, CO to teach a wellness class that she created called Hoop Yogini for the Wake Up Festival event and realized last minute that she wanted to bring some custom tank tops with her branding. She reached us through our request for quote link in our catalog and after a little back and forth, we got them done and shipped them to her in Estes Park just in the nick of time.  Whew!

Check out her website at !

If you want to request a quote, click HERE.


Custom Onesies

Igor’s T-shirts can airbrush, embroider or heat transfer custom text or graphics onto your baby clothes, kid’s clothes or onesies. This would be a unique gift for a birthday present, baby shower, baptism, etc. etc. You get the idea! No minimums at Igor’s T-shirts. Same day service when possible.

Custom Koozies for Beach Week 2014

These were made for a group of friends that take a beach vacation together every year.  They wanted to add customized koozies to their fun in the sun.


Personalized koozies are a great idea for people looking for unique gifts too. No minimums at Igor’s T-shirts!


We’ve been back for a week and a half and there’s been a lot of catching up to do, but I thought it would be fun to finally share a little taste of the adventures we had making custom t-shirts at our first festival…in STURGIS!

The drive from Denver to Sturgis is about 7 hours when pulling a trailor full of 1000 t-shirts.  We had a rough start.  We were originally going to take my dad’s camper, but it broke the morning we were supposed to leave, so we had to borrow a trailer and REPACK EVERYTHING.  Did I mention it was a ROUGH start?  We were on the road about 12 hours after our intended departure of 10:00am.  Yep.  We started our road trip at 10pm.  We had to stop for a little snooze and made it by noon the next day.

Sturgis 2014

This is what 1000 t-shirts on a trailer looks like if you ever wondered.

We camped next to the guys and gals at Led Sled who were super cool and fun. They were riding the coolest motorcycles I saw anywhere in Sturgis. All custom Sportsters. Pat Patterson was there judging other custom bikes and they also had a vendor booth. The bikes I saw them riding around rekindled my WANT for a Sportster! (I dropped a motorcycle once, then after having kids I gave up the whole idea. But now…??)

N.A.D.S. and The Drone Hunter

The Drone Hunter being interviewed by Fox TV

The Drone Hunter bus

The Drone Hunter and N.A.D.S. are the customers that brought us to Buffalo Chip.  They had drone shooting events at the range almost every day which led to a visit from the FAA.  They had the Drone Hunter on stage before every concert and they were interviewed by The Today Show, Fox News  and the O’reilly factor.

Speaking of concerts…we saw the Zac Brown Band, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, ZZ top and more!

Super perk!

This is at the Zac Brown Band concert which was AWESOME

Our Vendor Booth

We were making shirts for N.A.D.S. while also offering custom shirts for sale.  Being total newbs, it took us a few days to get everything right.  Some crazy rain and weather the first few days along with the stickiest mud that turned into cinder blocks attached to the bottom of our shoes didn’t help.

Igor airbrushing in our vendor booth at Buffalo Chip Campground for Sturgis 2014.

Inside joke among a group of of guys from Nebraska…One is the President and the other is the Vice President of this particular City they are referring to.

“Today’s Schedule” motorcycle shirt

Sturgis 2014!

Just don’t.

These photo heat transfer shirts were our biggest hits! Photos of people on their motorcycles.

Igor – getting the shot for a custom shirt.

The view from the back of our booth. The Clydesdales were BEAUTIFUL!

T-shirt ideas are everywhere!

Crystal rockin’ a custom Igor’s T-shirts motorcycle shirt and wearing one of the hats we bartered for.

This was our neighbor Keith A.K.A. “Bone Daddy” who is an amazing metal artist. We made him and his granddaughter some shirts and got some goods in return.

All in all, it was a great time and a HUGE learning experience. We look forward to doing another festival in the future and having all of our ducks in a row for it.  We did TONS of research before going and were well prepared, but there’s lots of stuff you just don’t know until you try it!

Poker Towels

 Custom, personalized poker towels.  This is a fun unique gift idea.  We can also embroider or monogram towels.  No minimums at Igor’s T-shirts!



photo heat transfer of Miley Cyrus on a T-shirt

This Miley Cyrus shirt was created with an image provided by our customer and applied to a 50/50 t-shirt with an 11×17 heat transfer.



 Yoda Airbrush Art

Yoda portrait airbrushed by Igor Tkac

A 90’s throwback – Yoda portrait on canvas. Igor doesn’t do many airbrushed portraits anymore, but airbrush art skills he has still!



Iron on transfers on light colored tote bags look amazing. Full color prints and no minimums!

These personalized custom tote bags were made for a bachelorette party.  The bride got the bag that says “Ring” while the other ladies got the ones that says “Fling”.  The bride-to-be loved them!

Custom tote bags make great personalized gifts.  Canvas tote bags in particular look amazing with full color printing by heat transfer.  Monogrammed tote bags are another option!


These were worn by the Beau’s at the 30th Jack & Jill Beautillion

These were made for the 29 handsome gentleman that were honored in the 30th Jack & Jill Beautillion.  This is such a great event put on by the Denver chapter of Jack and Jill of America in order to celebrate young men in the African American community who earn the title of “Beau” by meeting high academic and leadership standards.

Beautillion Logo close up

These sashes were hand made and we were asked to embroider them with the Beautillion logo and text.

Read more about the event here:

For Throwback Thursday – late summer of 2011…

Igor made a t-shirt for Gerard of My Chemical Romance!

Gerard from My Chemical Romance wearing the Lyn-Z unicorn t-shirt Igor airbrushed for him on stage at Comfort Dental Amphitheater

We received a last minute phone call from their manager and Igor came through as is most often the case.  Blink 182 headlined the show and WE got free tickets. We had great seats and ALMOST pimped backstage. Next time!

The Lyn-Z unicorn shirt fresh of the easel, made for the My Chemical Romance show at Comfort Dental Amphitheater 2011.


Our Customer took this photo at a Method Man concert and had this custom T-shirt made to wear to her next Method Man concert.  Great photo!

We put the photo on the shirt using a heat transfer and Igor Airbrushed the text. Sorry, our photo doesn’t really do her photo justice.  



Yep.  This happened.

Many years ago this lovely bride and groom were getting remarried on their 10th wedding anniversary and decided to spice it up by airbrushing her wedding dress.  Very adventurous!

This is definitely one of our most viral photos on the internet.  Some have loved it and some have hated it.  It’s even made lists such as:

5 Wedding Dresses You’ll Never Forget…Even If You Try Fabulous or Faux Paux Wedding Dresses


That’s okay though.  Some people need to relax and have a little fun if you ask me.


We are having an incredibly busy summer!! We are so grateful! But, that’s why the blog hasn’t been getting much attention from us lately.  We want to get back to sharing some of our great customer inspired designs, so here’s one big post of a few of our custom heat transfer tees that we actually stopped to take pictures of:


heat transfer image of the family portrait from the movie “The Jerk” on a t-shirt


“It took 57 years to get this awesome” t-shirt using heat transfer printing


“Still Sexy at 50” birthday t-shirt using heat transfer

Some shirts for KOSI 101 printed on heat transfers with Olga working hard in the background

We made some pre-printed t-shirts for Sarah’s batmitzvah. Igor airbrushed shirts at the event too.

Custom graphic using heat transfer. It smelled pretty yay!

“I want you to brew a beer for Victory” heat transfer on t-shirts

“Downtown Arby’s” t-shirt. I haven’t seen Downton Abby but I totally get what’s going on here.


Iron-on transfers are an EXCELLENT alternative to screen printing on t-shirts when:

a) you need a small quantity

b)you need them last minute

c)you have more than a few colors in your graphics

d)you have light colored shirts (dark colors work too, but quality is higher on light colored shirts)

Screen printing requires an initial set-up fee which can be cost prohibitive in small quantities.  Each additional color adds to the cost significantly.  It is very rare that a screen printer can ever do something same day…or even within a couple days. If you need more than 20 shirts and your design is only one -three colors, than screen-printing is probably a great option for you, but heat transfer printing can be quicker and more affordable in many situations.

If you’re not sure, give us a call at 303-750-7281 and we’ll help you decide.

How exciting! South Broadway has been confirmed the Best Shopping District in Denver for 2014!

It seems like just yesterday that we moved to this new location.  It’s  been over 2 years and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  It’s quirky for sure and there’s no shortage of interesting characters. It’s close to downtown but is surrounded by lovely neighborhoods and some great schools so it has sort of an urban feel with a few of the benefits that go along with suburban living.


Our shop is in the front of our house.  Do you find that weird? The live-work concept has been re-emerging in the last decade or two, especially for creatives.  It’s a lifestyle we’ve wanted for a long time and there isn’t a better place than South Broadway in my opinion.  Some customers find it very strange, but most people think it’s as great as we do.  Either way, it couldn’t work better for US and we love that we landed on SOUTH BROADWAY!  Denver is an amazing city and the only one in Colorado that seems to truly support small businesses.  No other city in Colorado will even allow zoning for Live/Work, so just ANOTHER reason we heart Denver!!

Even though we’re out on the South Broadway outskirts, Kolacny Music got a mention and they’re not too far from us.  We didn’t get a mention in the article, but it looks like “someone” left a comment pointing out the omission 😉

The most bitter -sweet jobs we get are the custom shirts made in loving memory of a someone dear to our customers.  It’s sad to witness such a loss and we are honored to be asked create something to commemorate your loved ones.  We have gone back and forth about whether or not we should create a category on our website honoring those we meet after they have gone.  We have not yet put any up that have photographs, although some of our customers have encouraged us to do so.

A customer from Los Angeles came in to get this Cadillac emblem airbrushed on a shirt in memory of a friend of his named “Cadillac”. Since there is no photograph involved, and he loved the shirt so much we thought we’d make this one the first.

One of our customers brought in their own design to be airbrushed on some T- shirts. We love putting local artist’s and designer’s work on shirts or other garments whether it be airbrushed or with Iron-on transfer.

We made these custom hoodies for the lovely ladies at They are Denver locals who make high quality hand crafted sherbert. You should check out their website, buy some sherbert and give them a “like” on their facebook page!

We made these hoodies using Iron-on transfers.

click here to see more iron-on transfer samples


Our friendly local business owners at Fat Jack’s super sub shop had us custom airbrush their business logo on some hoodies for them.  I think they look delicious!

We added some attitude to the t-shirts of a local dart team.  They brought in their shirts with existing screen printed T-shirt graphics, and we added the airbrushing.

Here’s some embroidered beanies we did in different lettering styles. From top to bottom, the lettering styles are “San Diego”, “Brussels” and “totstown” embroidery fonts.

If you’re looking for embroidered beanie hats, give Igor’s T-shirts a call @ 303-621-5738. We have a few beanie styles to select from and many more embroidery fonts.


Today is Chinese New Year and it begins the Year of the Horse. Do you think the Denver Broncos playing at the Super Bowl this weekend is a freakin’ coincidence??? It’s in the stars for us my fellow Broncos fans!!


This is the T-shirt I (Crystal) will be wearing this Sunday and regularly for the rest of the year.  We can make one of these t-shirts for you or we can make anything else your Broncos spirit desires!  CALL US @ 303-750-7281!




We recently joined fiverr and it’s been a hoot! We’re creating custom video messages.

We have an exclusive fiverr deal where we’ll take video of Igor airbrushing a message for you and send you the video for $5.00!!  So far we’ve had some orders for marketers, announcements and inside jokes.   We can also send the shirt for an additional $15.00.

Check it out by clicking on the image:


In case you haven’t heard, Colorado is making history this year by being the first state to legalize marijuana.  Whether you are in favor or not, there are lots of people celebrating and coming to Colorado just for this reason.

SO, obviously a T-shirt is in order!

…and if you can believe it, this “I got 5280′ high in Denver, Colorado” T-shirt design was imagineered by Grandpa Joe! How hip is he??

Marijuana tourism has begun! Just Google:”colorado marijuana tours” and you will see what I mean.

So, to the Coloradoans who want to celebrate this new era and to everyone visiting our beautiful state specifically to smoke it legally, this T-shirt is for you.



This is an oldie but a goodie! As you may have noticed, we are SLOWLY making changes at WWW.IGORSTSHIRTS.COM and this includes merging some of our work showcased on the old blog,, into this shiny new website.

We airbrushed these dance costumes for the Silhouettes who are from Denver, Colorado. Not only did they make it on America’s Got Talent season 6 in 2011, they made it all the way to runner up!

It was incredibly exciting to see our work on television! So, we just wanted to relive the day again right here.

You know what else is awesome? “THE SILHOUETTES ™ have raised over $50,000 for homeless children in the United States through their performances and strive to continue to achieve their coal of helping children around the world.”

check out their website HERE.

And HERE‘s a link to a very cool video of one of their performances.

We made this Denver Broncos T-shirt for a customer who is going to give it to her brother as gift. I think it was an inside joke or something. 😉

If you’re interested in having a custom graphic put on a t-shirt, give us a call! 303-750-7281