This is an oldie but a goodie! As you may have noticed, we are SLOWLY making changes at WWW.IGORSTSHIRTS.COM and this includes merging some of our work showcased on the old blog,, into this shiny new website.

We airbrushed these dance costumes for the Silhouettes who are from Denver, Colorado. Not only did they make it on America’s Got Talent season 6 in 2011, they made it all the way to runner up!

silhouettes in american flag costumes

It was incredibly exciting to see our work on television! So, we just wanted to relive the day again right here.


You know what else is awesome?
“THE SILHOUETTES ™ have raised over $50,000 for homeless children in the United States through their performances and strive to continue to achieve their coal of helping children around the world.”

check out their website HERE.

And HERE‘s a link to a very cool video of one of their performances.