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Welcome to Igor’s T-Shirts where YOU are the heart behind the art! We are a small family business in South Denver and we use two and a half decades of T shirt experience and design skills to help our customers realize their custom t-shirt and personalized apparel ideas. Every project comes with a great story and/or business behind it. We put your ideas and branding on something you can wear.

If you are unsure where to begin, give us a call at 303-750-7281 and we will help you make the best decision even if we don’t offer what you need.

A little History

Igor was born an artist in Czechoslovakia.  He moved to Colorado with his family when he was 10 and started his airbrushing apprenticeship as a teenager at Hunky Dory in the Aurora Mall. By 1995 he owned Igor’s T-shirts in Buckingham Square and brought on his mom Olga as his embroidery Ace.  He has maintained Igor’s T-shirts over the years while exploring his many other artistic talents such as illustration, photography, design, motion graphics and film.

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Crystal has a 20 year background in Interior Design and Architecture and enjoys translating her passion for design into new graphic design and embroidery skills, creating handcrafted custom garments and helping people realize their vision.  She very much enjoys web design, business development and spending her “work” days with her family.

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Olga was a kindergarten teacher in Czechoslovakia before moving to Colorado.  She’s been rockin’ the embroidery machine since the 1990’s.  She’s a wonderful devoted grandmother, with a great sense of humor and the strongest tiny lady you’ll ever meet!

We strive to implement new-school business methodologies and are always working to streamline our processes, decrease overhead, build in more efficiency while also keeping our eye on the newest technologies so that we can continually improve our quality and range of services without increasing costs for our customers.

In 2011, Igor’s T-shirts finally reached a long time goal by relocating to a live/work location which is on South Broadway in Denver, Colorado. We are slowly continuing to grow and expand. We LOVE our new neighborhood and new customers are honored to still serve some of our longtime customers from Aurora!