I went to my first big Yelp party in early December.  It was a great time and I hope to go to many many more!  Lots of free stuff and fun people!  I had to represent with a unique custom T-shirt and since it was a Pop Art Factory themed party, I thought I should be accompanied by none other than THE Andy Warhol.

So, I made a 3-D Andy Warhol T shirt!


We (Andy and I) got pet a lot throughout the night and here is where he got styled into a fauxhawk.

Rebeca, Emily and I got our faces painted too.

I made these earrings: POPCulture

And here are some shots to show the vibe of the night.  I highly recommend attending one of these if you get the chance! There is lots of free food and drink and there were break dancers as well!

AndyWarholYelp5 AndyWarholYelp6 AndyWarholYelp7


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