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Poker Towels

 Custom, personalized poker towels.  This is a fun unique gift idea.  We can also embroider or monogram towels.  No minimums at Igor’s T-shirts!



photo heat transfer of Miley Cyrus on a T-shirt

This Miley Cyrus shirt was created with an image provided by our customer and applied to a 50/50 t-shirt with an 11×17 heat transfer.



Custom bowling shirts airbrushed by Igor


Custom Bowling Shirts by



 Yoda Airbrush Art

Yoda portrait airbrushed by Igor Tkac

A 90’s throwback – Yoda portrait on canvas. Igor doesn’t do many airbrushed portraits anymore, but airbrush art skills he has still!



Iron on transfers on light colored tote bags look amazing. Full color prints and no minimums!

These personalized custom tote bags were made for a bachelorette party.  The bride got the bag that says “Ring” while the other ladies got the ones that says “Fling”.  The bride-to-be loved them!

Custom tote bags make great personalized gifts.  Canvas tote bags in particular look amazing with full color printing by heat transfer.  Monogrammed tote bags are another option!


These were worn by the Beau’s at the 30th Jack & Jill Beautillion

These were made for the 29 handsome gentleman that were honored in the 30th Jack & Jill Beautillion.  This is such a great event put on by the Denver chapter of Jack and Jill of America in order to celebrate young men in the African American community who earn the title of “Beau” by meeting high academic and leadership standards.

Beautillion Logo close up

These sashes were hand made and we were asked to embroider them with the Beautillion logo and text.

Read more about the event here:

For Throwback Thursday – late summer of 2011…

Igor made a t-shirt for Gerard of My Chemical Romance!

Gerard from My Chemical Romance wearing the Lyn-Z unicorn t-shirt Igor airbrushed for him on stage at Comfort Dental Amphitheater

We received a last minute phone call from their manager and Igor came through as is most often the case.  Blink 182 headlined the show and WE got free tickets. We had great seats and ALMOST pimped backstage. Next time!

The Lyn-Z unicorn shirt fresh of the easel, made for the My Chemical Romance show at Comfort Dental Amphitheater 2011.


Our Customer took this photo at a Method Man concert and had this custom T-shirt made to wear to her next Method Man concert.  Great photo!

We put the photo on the shirt using a heat transfer and Igor Airbrushed the text. Sorry, our photo doesn’t really do her photo justice.  



Yep.  This happened.

Many years ago this lovely bride and groom were getting remarried on their 10th wedding anniversary and decided to spice it up by airbrushing her wedding dress.  Very adventurous!

This is definitely one of our most viral photos on the internet.  Some have loved it and some have hated it.  It’s even made lists such as:

5 Wedding Dresses You’ll Never Forget…Even If You Try Fabulous or Faux Paux Wedding Dresses


That’s okay though.  Some people need to relax and have a little fun if you ask me.


It’s that time of year – The Summer Reading Program at the Denver Library is in full swing. Included in the program are other educational events including Airbrushing with Igor!

Learning how to airbrush

Igor airbrushes something for the kids on one side of the shirt while teaching them what to do and then he let’s them have their turn on the other side of the shirt.

A little girl airbrushing at the Valdez-Perry Branch Library in Denver.

We’ve been told it’s one of the most popular events every summer.  He’s been doing this since 1996!

A little boy practicing his airbrushing techniques in the Summer Reading Program put on by the Denver Library

There are many more events scheduled this summer.  Check out the schedule and send your kids to the Denver Library most convenient to you!

We are having an incredibly busy summer!! We are so grateful! But, that’s why the blog hasn’t been getting much attention from us lately.  We want to get back to sharing some of our great customer inspired designs, so here’s one big post of a few of our custom heat transfer tees that we actually stopped to take pictures of:


heat transfer image of the family portrait from the movie “The Jerk” on a t-shirt


“It took 57 years to get this awesome” t-shirt using heat transfer printing


“Still Sexy at 50” birthday t-shirt using heat transfer

Some shirts for KOSI 101 printed on heat transfers with Olga working hard in the background

We made some pre-printed t-shirts for Sarah’s batmitzvah. Igor airbrushed shirts at the event too.

Custom graphic using heat transfer. It smelled pretty yay!

“I want you to brew a beer for Victory” heat transfer on t-shirts

“Downtown Arby’s” t-shirt. I haven’t seen Downton Abby but I totally get what’s going on here.


Iron-on transfers are an EXCELLENT alternative to screen printing on t-shirts when:

a) you need a small quantity

b)you need them last minute

c)you have more than a few colors in your graphics

d)you have light colored shirts (dark colors work too, but quality is higher on light colored shirts)

Screen printing requires an initial set-up fee which can be cost prohibitive in small quantities.  Each additional color adds to the cost significantly.  It is very rare that a screen printer can ever do something same day…or even within a couple days. If you need more than 20 shirts and your design is only one -three colors, than screen-printing is probably a great option for you, but heat transfer printing can be quicker and more affordable in many situations.

If you’re not sure, give us a call at 303-750-7281 and we’ll help you decide.